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I am driven by my senses, and from early childhood, I have been intrigued with the visual impact of color and texture.  These elements make my spirit soar.

I have no formal art training, rather all my degrees are in the field of education.  I have been fortunate to study traditional quilt making with a number of well-known teachers.  This gave me the foundation on which to build.  The memories of my artist aunt dared me to dream.  Ricky Tims recognized my overwhelming desire to be free of traditional rules.  He became my catalyst for moving into the world of contemporary fiber art.  

I prefer to work intuitively, from my heart, letting the fabrics' and fibers' colors and textures provide the guideposts along my journey.  Dyes, paints, stamps, silk screens, gelatin plates, stamps, and embellishments are some of the surface design techniques I use in my creative endeavors.  

At times, I begin with a title and work backwards to create my artwork.  Other times, I see the entire piece in my mind's eye and follow the path to completion.  On those days when I totally relinquish control to my muse, Desdemona, I grab things in my studio and start putting them together.  That's truly the best artistic experience for me.

I've had a later start as a fiber artist than some.  I definitely feel like a work in progress, and I pinch myself each time I'm introduced as an artist.  Daily studio time is one of my goals, and I strive to be a responsible steward of the gifts with which I have been blessed.